AI programming tools


Tool combines AI for formulas, SQL, VBA, and regex creation.

GPTEXCEL is a website that offers a range of AI-powered tools to help individuals and businesses streamline their spreadsheet processes. The main features of this website include an Excel Formula Generator AI, Script Generator AI for VBA, Apps Scripts, and Airtable Scripts, SQL Query Generator AI, Regex Generator AI, and Template Generator AI for Excel and Google Sheets.

The Excel Formula Generator AI is designed to boost spreadsheet productivity by generating and understanding formulas. It automates complex calculations and analyses in Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable, making it easier for users to work with data.

The Script Generator AI simplifies workflow by generating VBA scripts for Excel, Apps Scripts for Google Workspace, and Airtable scripts. These scripts automate repetitive tasks, improving productivity in these platforms.

The SQL Query Generator AI is a powerful tool for crafting, troubleshooting, and refining intricate SQL queries across various database systems. This tool streamlines the process of generating, debugging, and modifying complex SQL queries, eliminating the need for manual coding.

The Regex Generator AI is useful for generating and understanding regular expression patterns for data validation and filtering. It simplifies the task of creating patterns for matching and manipulating text.

Additionally, the Template Generator AI allows users to generate table templates for Excel and Google Sheets, making it easier to start working on a new spreadsheet.

GPTEXCEL offers a free tier with limited features and 4 requests per day. For more advanced features and priority access to customer support, users can subscribe to the Pro plan, which includes features like the Formula Generator, Formula Explainer, VBA script, Apps Script, and Airtable Script Generator, SQL Query Generator, Regex Generator, and Excel Template Generator. The Pro plan also offers up to 100 requests per day.

Users can sign up for GPTEXCEL without a credit card and immediately start using the free tier. The website supports more than 50 languages, and users will receive an invoice for their purchase and monthly subscription.

To cancel a subscription, users can easily do so from their Billing page. After canceling, the account will revert back to the Free plan at the end of the billing cycle.

GPTEXCEL is a powerful AI assistant for Excel and Google Sheets, offering a range of tools to enhance spreadsheet productivity. Whether users need help with formulas, scripts, SQL queries, regular expressions, or templates, GPTEXCEL provides the necessary AI tools to streamline their work.