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Comprehensive CRM for various needs and stakeholders, all-in-one solution.

folk is an all-in-one CRM tool that helps users manage their relationships with ease. With its comprehensive features, folk provides users with a centralized platform to manage their contacts and interactions.

The folkX Chrome extension allows users to import, enrich, and leverage message templates from anywhere on the web. With 1-click enrichment, users can find contact details in just one click and focus on driving conversations instead. Additionally, users can send emails, schedule bulk campaigns, and personalize messages faster with AI-powered Messages & Sequences.

To help users close more deals, folk provides customizable and collaborative Pipelines that are quick to set up. Integrations with other critical tools allow for a seamless workflow.

folk offers various solutions by role and workflow. By role, folk has solutions for Founder-led sales, Sales and Biz Dev, Partnerships, and Agencies. By workflow, folk can help users connect their CRM to LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook.

The resources section of the website includes a template gallery to get users set up faster, folk tutorials for quick and concise video how-to’s, help articles for instant product questions, and a blog to explore sales tips, industry insights, and success stories.

With the folk desktop app, users can enjoy the power of folk in their dock. The LinkedIn comment exporter turns commenters on LinkedIn into potential clients.

The CRM tool offers a free trial for interested users. The pricing section of the website provides users with an overview of folk’s pricing plans and features.

folk has received high ratings on the Chrome store, Product hunt, and Google security. The website includes testimonials from satisfied customers who have used folk to manage their relationships better.

Overall, folk is a comprehensive CRM tool that can cater to different needs and stakeholders. Its all-in-one solution, easy-to-use interface, and AI-powered features help users manage their relationships more effectively.