AI office tools


AI-powered centralized platform for all internet files and data.

Fabric is an AI-enabled workspace and file explorer that acts as a hub for data and files, delivering an intelligent, collaborative and internet-native system for individuals and teams. The platform organizes and stores all drives, clouds, files, bookmarks, links, and notes automatically in an all-in-one workspace. With AI labelling and semantic search technology, Fabric enables users to locate and retrieve anything in natural language. The platform supports collaborative editing of any document or file, making it an ideal workspace for teams and individuals.

Fabric automatically populates itself by connecting to any data source, including screenshots, visited websites and other sources, with no effort required. The AI-powered search and labeling mechanism make it easy to find anything again in a user's own words. Fabric enables users to share files and collaborate on shared spaces. The platform supports a range of use cases, including studying, second brain, gathering research, external collaboration, data rooms, press kits, team wiki, sales and hiring CRM, brainstorming and ideation, digital asset management, review and approval, and mood boards.

The platform's features include annotating any file or website, adding context to anything, searchable, and shareable notes on top of any content. It also allows linking directly to a location inside any file or website, capturing anything, adding commentary to anything, and multiplayer across everything. Fabric supports connections to external apps and drives like Google Drive, which enables seamless synchronization of files and data.

Fabric is an AI-powered centralized platform for all internet files and data, making it easy for individuals and teams to access, organize, and collaborate on files efficiently. The platform makes it easy for users to work smarter and achieve more significant results in less time.