AI Audio Tools


Descript offers powerful podcast and video editing with AI technology.

Descript's AI Actions is a game-changing and inclusive creative solution for all users that helps craft high-quality videos and podcasts effortlessly. The platform's editing process is as simple as using docs and slides, streamlining time and effort, with efficiency to boost creativity. Descript focuses on AI technologies to improve communication and storytelling in creative industries, using natural language processing to develop powerful correction tools for transcription, multitrack audio editing, remote recording, and more. With AI voice cloning, users can create an ultra-realistic voice clone or choose from Descript's stock AI voices. AI Effects, including Eye Contact, Remove Filler Words, Studio Sound, and Green Screen, offer high-quality video and audio outputs, polished to perfection in just a few clicks. Descript caters to a wide range of usage scenarios, from marketing and sales to learning and development for work.

Descript offers several essential features, including video editing, podcasting, clips, transcription, and screen recording with a powerful and embeddable player for publishing. Editing video is as easy as editing a doc, and its multitrack audio editing system provides a doc-like experience. Clips let AI recommend the best viral-worthy clips, and users can edit them easily using Descript's dead-simple editing tools. Descript's tools can help users easily master complex audio and video edits, including subtitles, transcripts, podcast show notes generation, and more. With Descript, users can instantly capture, edit, and share screen/webcam recordings, and industry-leading accuracy and speed are achieved with powerful correction tools.

Descript is the only tool that creators need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share videos and podcasts. Descript comes with several AI-powered features, including text-to-speech, overdub, studio sound, regenerate, and green screen, ensuring that everything users need is available in one platform. With Descript, users can make video part of their team's communication toolkit, complete with recording, editing, and collaboration that's as easy as using docs and slides. Descript offers free and paid plans to cater to all users' needs, from individuals to teams, and from small to large businesses. Descript is a one-stop-shop for all video and podcast editing needs, affordable, efficient, and easy to use.