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Codium AI

IDE integrated non-trivial tests enhance coding confidence and efficiency.

Welcome to Coding-Agent, the AI-powered tool that plans and completes your code! Our products include Codiumate, a plugin for your IDE, PR-Agent for seamless PR analysis, AlphaCodium for cutting-edge research, and the newly released Coding-Agent. With CodiumAI, you get meaningful suggestions and code improvements right inside your IDE or Git platform.

Our tool helps busy developers by generating meaningful tests, code reviews, behavior coverage, and code improvements. By analyzing your code, docstrings, comments, and specifications, Codiumate suggests issues, tests, and improvements as you code. This helps you code smart, create value, and stay confident in your work.

Whether you're working on personal projects or enterprise solutions, our AI-powered tool can help you code, test, and merge with confidence. Our tool supports all major programming languages and Git code hosting services, making it versatile for all developers.

With over 650,000 installs, CodiumAI has received positive reviews from developers who have improved their coding efficiency and code quality. From generating unit tests to enhancing code integrity, CodiumAI is a game-changer for developers looking to boost their productivity.

Join our Discord community, contribute to our open-source projects, and read our blog for insights on generative AI, code integrity, and more. At CodiumAI, we take security, privacy, and compliance seriously, ensuring that your code stays secure while using our tool.

If you have questions about CodiumAI, we have answers for you. From supported languages to data security measures, we ensure that our tool meets your coding needs effectively. And if you're looking to join our team, we'd love to hear from you!

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