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AI Meeting Assistant transcribes and analyzes meetings for Conversation Intelligence.

Avoma is an all-in-one AI-based platform that offers meeting management, meeting collaboration, and conversation & revenue intelligence solutions to help users make the most out of every conversation. Its main features include meeting scheduler, automatic meeting recording, transcription, AI-generated notes, live bookmarking, augmented notes, speaker identification, topic detection, keyword tracking, shared agenda templates, collaborative note editor, global transcription search, snippets, playlists, activity dashboard, interaction intelligence, competitor intelligence, topic intelligence, scorecards & coaching, deal intelligence, and AI forecasting.

Avoma's Meeting Scheduler helps users schedule 1:1 meetings, group meetings, and automate round-robin routing with just a few clicks. The platform's AI Meeting Assistant saves hours in note-taking and helps improve meeting outcomes with active participation. Its Meeting Collaboration feature is designed to shorten sales cycles with effortless collaboration between teams. Conversation & Revenue Intelligence feature helps improve deal win rates and reduce employee ramp time with coaching insights.

Avoma is trusted by more than 900 high-growth organizations. Users can easily integrate Avoma with their favorite tools including Calendar, CRM, Conferencing, and Dialer. It takes just a minute to set up an account, and users can try Avoma unrestricted for 14 days without a credit card. The platform is SOC 2 Type II certified and ensures the safety of users' data.

Avoma offers solutions for Sales Leaders, Sales Enablement, Sales Managers, SDR Leaders, Account Executives, Customer Success Leaders, Customer Success Managers, Marketing Managers, and Engineering Managers. Its resources include Blog, Playbooks, Podcast, Software Comparisons, Help Documentation, and Pricing. The company is committed to providing an optimized experience for individuals and ensuring their data is safe with them.