AI Audio Tools

Listen to text using AI voices while multitasking in life.

Are you looking for a convenient way to consume content while on the go? Audioread is the perfect solution for you. With our AI-powered text-to-speech engine, you can listen to articles, PDFs, emails, and more in your podcast player, allowing you to "read" while walking, driving, cleaning, and multitasking in various aspects of your life.

Our ultra-realistic AI voices are trained to provide a natural and professional narration style, making the listening experience indistinguishable from real audiobook narrators. You can convert any text into audio in just two clicks using our web app, browser extension, iOS Shortcut, or Android app. Whether you want to forward emails, drag and drop PDFs, copy and paste text, or highlight text, Audioread offers a seamless conversion process on any device.

Listen to your converted text in any podcast app by creating a private podcast RSS feed that only you can subscribe to. This feature is perfect for podcast enthusiasts and busy professionals looking to enhance their productivity and learn on the go. If you prefer not to use a podcast app, you can also listen in the browser without any installation required.

Audioread supports 77 languages and offers a subscription plan starting at $9.99 per month, allowing you to convert up to 100,000 words per conversion and 500,000 words per day. Save time and make the most of your day by audioreading with Audioread. Try it for free now and experience a new way to consume content while multitasking in life.