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Speech AI models transcribe, extract insights from voice data.

AssemblyAI is a leading provider of Speech AI models that transcribe voice data, detect speakers, and analyze sentiments, among other capabilities. AssemblyAI's latest Speech AI model is Universal-1, which was trained on 12.5 million hours of multilingual audio data and has superhuman accuracy. The customers of AssemblyAI include several leading companies that use the company's AI models to build innovative new products for voice data. AssemblyAI's AI models are designed to meet the specific needs of developers and users who can leverage them to build products at scale. AssemblyAI's AI models have an accuracy of over 90%, compared to other models, and make up to 43% fewer errors on noisy data.

AssemblyAI is easy to integrate, and the company provides immediate access to its API. The documentation is detailed, with ample code examples and explanations, to make it easy to quickly integrate Speech AI into applications. Pricing scales as the customers grow, and the company has established an efficient model that allows it to offer accurate services at lower prices.

AssemblyAI's Speech AI models are easy to scale and are always up-to-date with the latest AI breakthroughs. The team of researchers and engineers working on Speech AI models is constantly updating and improving the models. AssemblyAI offers 24/7 customer support through a team of AI experts who can help build with customers and accelerate their product roadmap.

The company attracts developers who wish to build frontier AI models that understand and process human speech with superhuman abilities. AssemblyAI's product range includes Speech-to-Text, Streaming Speech-to-Text, Speech Understanding, and PII Redaction, among others. AssemblyAI's website also has a Playground where customers can try the company's models without using any code. AssemblyAI has several job openings such as API Support Engineer and Director of Product Marketing.

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