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Leverage AI conversations for valuable product insights.

About Us
Align AI is a user analytics platform designed specifically for AI-native products. Our goal is to help product teams easily analyze conversational data generated from LLM-powered apps. With Align AI, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior, enhance user experiences, and shape a superior product journey.

- Secure and Compliant: At Align AI, we prioritize the security and compliance of your data. Our platform is SOC II Type 1 and GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is protected at all times.
- Easy Integration: Connecting your data source to Align AI is simple and straightforward. Our SDK works with most data sources, including AWS S3, GCP Bigquery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.
- Intuitive Analysis: From an intuitive conversation dashboard to powerful natural language processing capabilities, Align AI makes it easy for you to analyze and leverage your conversational data.

Features and Usage Scenarios
- Intuitive Dashboard: Access high-level insights on overall user satisfaction and monitor recent user experiences that should be analyzed.
- Real-time Data Ingestion: Ingest and view your conversational data in real-time using the Align AI SDK.
- Monitor Conversations: Stay updated on user conversations and identify points of friction.
- Conversations Breakdown: Drill down into user conversations to understand specific pain points and areas of improvement.
- Take Action: Easily save, group, and track conversations that share similar traits for further analysis and action.
- Custom Insight Reports: Request monthly custom insight reports to gain deeper insights into your conversational data.

Customer Testimonials
Our customers love us for the transformative insights and improvements Align AI brings to their businesses. From empowering them to identify innovative features to enhancing user experiences, Align AI has shaped superior product journeys for various companies.

Frequently Asked Questions
We provide answers to commonly asked questions about compatibility, data sources, data security, getting started, and pricing.

Get Started
Connect your data source and start finding valuable product insights in under 5 minutes using Align AI. Turn your conversational data into actionable insights with our user-friendly platform.

Resources and Legal Information
Access our documentation, blog, and legal policies, including terms of use, privacy policy, responsible disclosure policy, and cookie settings.

Contact Us and Hiring
If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We are also hiring talented individuals to join our team.

At Align AI, we are committed to delivering exceptional analytics for AI-native products while ensuring the security and compliance of your data. Start leveraging the power of conversational data today with Align AI.