AI content detection

AI Detector Pro

AI Detector distinguishes between human and AI-generated content accurately.

The AI Detector is a powerful tool that distinguishes between human and AI-generated content accurately. By using advanced AI technology and trained models, the AI Detector can determine whether text is likely human or AI-generated from sources like ChatGPT, GPT4, Claude, and Bard. With a high accuracy rate of 98%, the AI Detector is one of the most trusted tools in the industry.

The AI Detector is beneficial for various users, including marketing executives, agencies, publishers, and developers. It can be used to improve writing, fix spelling and grammar errors, shorten or lengthen text, change the tone, simplify language, summarize content, and more. The AI Humanizer feature allows users to produce undetectable AI content by rewriting sentences and paragraphs in a human-like manner.

Users can access the premium version of the AI Detector for $49 a month, which includes unlimited AI detection scans, the ability to rewrite robotic-sounding content, personalized output in the user's unique voice, and access to a professional editor. Additionally, users can unlock features such as unlimited scans, undetectable rewrites, bulk rewrite capabilities, unlimited image AI detection, and the option to export content to Word, Doc, or HTML formats.

With the AI Detector, users can ensure that their content is not only high-quality but also undetectable as AI-generated. Whether it's for SEO purposes, academic work, or improving reader perceptions, the AI Detector provides a comprehensive solution for detecting and humanizing AI content.